Yemen Foundation for Cancer Care received a furnished apartment to host cancer patients for free, as part of the cooperation agreement between Yomn Scientific Foundation and Al-Khalafawi Foundation for Social and Charitable Services.

During the handover, Mr. Redwan Al-Hamzi, General Directof of Yemen Foundation, conveyed warm greetings of the Chairman of the Board of Founders, of Yemen Foundation Hajj Abdul Wasee Hael, to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Yomn and Khalafawi Foundations, Hajj Adel Ahmed Mohieldin and all staff of his Foundations.

Al-Hamzi congratulated everyone on the first humanitarian charitable cooperation between the three Foundations for facilitating and taking care of their fellow Yemeni patients.

Mr. Al-Hamzi considers contribution to alleviate suffering of camcer patients is a great support for all Yemeni people.
Al-Hamzi expressed his thanks and appreciation to Yomn Scientific and Khalafawi Foundations, confirming that cooperation is stretches of historical relations between the two peoples and the two brotherly countries .

Haj Adel Ahmed, Chairman if Board of Trustees of the two Foundations
welcomed what has been achieved, mentioning that cooperation will serve patients, alleviate their pain and preserve their dignity among their brothers, noting that Yomn Scientific Foundation and Khalafawi will provide all forms of support to patients residing in Dar Al-Hayat to ensure their stability and adequate care.

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