The “Eighth Batch” of thyroid cancer patients arrived in Cairo today morning to receive treatment in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Patients were received by Mr. Ahmed Al-Harbi, Deputy Director General of the Foundation, and Mr. Abdul Qawi Al-Qaisi, Advisor to the Foundation and the administrative staff of the Foundation.
During the reception held in the Foundation Mr. Al-Harbi expressed his happiness with the arrival of this batch, stressing the Foundation’s commitment to implementing the “Hope Batch” project continuously, and directing all efforts to provide comprehensive treatment and support for thyroid cancer patients coming from Yemen.
Al-Harbi pointed out to the role of the Foundation in organizing and facilitating the procedures for receiving patients and providing all means of comfort and care for them during the treatment period, and the need to provide humanitarian and medical services to cancer fighters to the fullest.
In a related context, Mr. Al-Harbi expressed his gratitude for the continued support of Sela Foundation for the Batches expressing his hope that such partnerships will continue to serving Yemeni patients and standing by them in their battle with the disease. He explained that this is the second Batch funded by the Selah stressing the importance of the cooperation of all humanitarian sectors to support the Foundation’s projects and enhance its humanitarian efforts related to supporting Yemeni cancer patients.
Al-Harbi called on institutions and individuals interested in caring for and supporting Yemeni cancer patients to participate in supporting and strengthening the Foundation’s efforts, with the aim of achieving the maximum benefit for patients and their families.
Dr. Zeenat Saeed, a nuclear medicine specialist, provided important medical advices to patients before, during and after radioactive iodine therapy. She urged patients to adhere to medical guidelines to ensure successful treatment and maintain their safety and health.
The Batch of Hope project is one of the Foundation’s main projects, and aims to provide radioiodine therapy and atomic screening services to the poorest cancer patients. It is worth noting that radioactive iode and atomic survey services have been banned from entering Yemen since the beginning of 2015, due to war conditions. This Batch of Hope is generously supported by Sela Foundation, as continuation of efforts to provide treatment to cancer patients in light of health and economic challenges facing Yemen, as well as patients and their families.

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