As a part of the Foundation’s interactive development programs with various entities, and under the guidance of the Foundation’s administration, the Foundation participated in the workshop organized by the Hadramaut Foundation for Cancer Control ( Amal ),
under the title of the role of institutions in the care of cancer patients, challenges and solutions which held in Hadramaut governorate.
The Director of Health Department at Yemen Foundation, Mr. Omar Barzeek, talked to the conference introducing Yemen Foundation in Cairo and the challenges it faces.
Barseek drew the conference attention to the success stories achieved by the Foundation with some cancer patients .
The administration of the workshop in Hadramaut praised the activities of Yemen Foundation and it services under the great challenges the Foundation faces. The participants wish the Foundation more success.
They expressed their support and willingness for permanent cooperation with the Foundation’s programs in future for the benefit of Yemeni cancer patients at home and abroad.

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