Mr. Redwan Al-Hamzi, Director General of the Foundation , honored today Dr. Sherif Abu Al-Naga, Director of the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 at the hospital’s headquarters in Cairo.
In the party , Al-Hamzi thanked the administration of Hospital 57 for the continuous cooperation between the Foundation and the Hospital for the benefit of Yemeni cancer patients, appreciating the efforts made by the Hospital for Yemeni cancer patients who are sent by the Foundation.
For his part, Dr. Sherif Abu Al-Naga expressed thanks for honoring him with the Foundation’s shield, emphasizing readiness of the Hospital to provide and facilitate all services of the Hospital to Yemeni cancer patients and administrative staff in different aspects.
Attended the meeting
Dr. Mutahar Al-Rayda, Director of Media and Public Relations Department.
and Dr. Sahar Mustafa, Director of Partnerships and Financing Department.
Dr. Ola Mohammed is Partnerships Officer at 57 Hospital.

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