The team of the series Dukan Jamila visited the headquarters of the Foundation and were briefed on the conditions of the patients inmates in the Dar Al-Hayah of the Foundation and exchanged friendly conversations with them. The team also heard some stories of suffering with the disease and success stories in fighting the disease. This humanitarian visit has given the patients joy and pleasure and alleviated their suffering and the cruelty of alienation on their souls. Memorial photos were also taken with patients.
At the same level, the Foundation held a collective Iftar banquet followed by a festive evening in which Haj Abdul Wasee Hael, Chairman of the Board of Founders, delivered a speech at the beginning of which he welcomed the attendees of artists, actors and media, noting the journey of suffering of cancer patients, especially thyroid cancer patients, and the losses they incur to travel outside the country to search for opportunities to survive the disease, especially in light of the lack of some medical services related to nuclear medicine which is prevented from entry into Yemen due to the war.
He called on the media and Yemeni actors to be ambassadors of goodness for the Foundation in order to serve cancer patients in general and thyroid cancer patients who are in dire need of care and attention from everyone. The evening also included a short reportage presentation on the idea of establishing the Foundation in Egypt, the services it provides and the most important achievements of the Foundation within one year of its establishment.

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