The Yemen Foundation for Cancer Care and Charity received at its headquarters in Cairo today, Thursday, June 8, 2023, the seventh Batch of thyroid cancer patients for radioactive iodine therapy in Egypt, in presence of the representative of the Mercyrelief Organization, Dr. Mohamed Nour.

The General Director of the Foundation, Mr. Redwan Al-Hamzi, welcomed the guests of the Foundation from the Batch of Hope 7, expressing happiness of Foundation staff for the arrival of thyroid cancer patients in Cairo. Mr. Hamzi thanked Mercyrelief Organization for its support for this Batch of cancer patients.

Al-Hamzi added that the Foundation is keen to continue this project because radioactive iodine therapy is not available in Yemen. He pointed out that the Foundation receives thyroid cancer patients from all Yemeni governorates without exception.

At the end of his speech, Al-Hamzi advised the patients of the Batch to pay attention to the medical and administrative instructions that will be provided to them and their companions during their treatment journey, which is scheduled to end on June 28, 2023. .

Dr. Zeenat Saeed, a medicine therapist, also provided medical advices to the patients on how to deal with themselves before, during and after taking radioactive iodine treatment, noting that adherence to medical instructions is important to complete the treatment stage successfully.

It is worth mentioning that this Batch comes under the auspices of the Mercyrelief Organization within the Foundation’s projects to treat thyroid cancer patients with radioactive iodine in Egypt.

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