Yemen Foundation for Cancer Care hosted today His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Owaidah Othman, one of the scholars of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, as well as Mr. Ibrahim Ghenem, Executive Director of the Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud Charity Association in Cairo, and Mr. Hani Abdel Razzaq, Director of Relations and Media in the Association.

The visitors were received by the Foundation’s staff, headed by Mr. Redwan Al-Hamzi the General Director.
Al-Hamzi welcomed the visiting delegation, explaining the stages of the establishment of the Foundation and the urgent need for health services provided by the Moustafa Mahmoud Charity to many Yemeni patients who come to Egypt for treatment, Especially thyroid cancer patients whose access to atomic and radioactive iodine screening services have been banned of Yemen due to war there

His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Aweidah delivered speech to cancer patients and their companions, urging them to be patient with affliction and always seek the help of Allah and work with worldly causes, adding that Allah Almighty is close to the person during his illness, and that any affliction is good for the slave and that Allah Almighty promises the patient with great rewards.

Shaykh ‘Owaidah, then answered some questions that patients asked with regard to matters of their religion and thier lives.
The guests took a tour in the Foundation sections, and were briefed on the services of the Foundation and its humanitarian programs provided to cancer patients residing in DarAlhiah.
They also visited the rooms of patients to greet them and listen to their ipmressions.

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