Cairo. 14 September 2023.
In continuation of the psychological support activities for thyroid cancer patients, the Batch of Hope 8 the Foundation hosts His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Al-Musleh, Secretary General of the International Islamic Council for Call and Relief, and Dr. Mustafa Al-Shimi, Director General of the Council.
At the beginning of the meeting with Sheikh Al-Musleh and his accompanying delegation, Ms. Zikra Al-Nono, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, expressed her deep thanks and appreciation to Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Al-Musleh for the visit and his kind response to the Foundation’s invitation.
In turn, Mr. Ahmed Al-Harbi, Deputy Director General of the Foundation, welcomed Sheikh Al-Musleh and praised his interaction and interest in the Foundation since the beginnings of its establishment until today.
For his part, Dr. Al-Musleh congratulated the Foundation for obtaining the membership of the International Islamic Council for Call and Relief, after that His Eminence delivered a speech in front of patients and employees in which he congratulated the management of the Foundation and those who contributed to the establishment of this great charitable humanitarian edifice, thanking everyone for all the efforts made in serving patients who are received and treated from cancer.
Sheikh Al-Musleh also advised the employees and staff of the Foundation to be sincere in their work to achieve success, comparing the state of the Foundation today and what it was a year ago.
Al-Musleh said that what we see and feel is something that reflects the real and effective will of the institution as management and employees.
Sheikh Al-Musleh toured the sections of Dar Al-Hayat dedicated to hosting cancer patients and expressed his admiration for the progress in the service and comprehensive care provided by the Foundation to cancer patients.
It is worth mentioning that the Foundation has completed the treatment program for the Batch of Hope 8 and is currently implementingIt recreational activities and psychological support for patients, before their return home after Allah has blessed them with full recovery.

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