In order to coordinate and cooperate between the Foundation and Yemen Airways, Mr. Redwan Al-Hamzi, General Director of the Foundation paied a visit today to the Director of the Yemen Airways Cairo office , Captain Abdullah Saleh Al-Shaari.

In the meeting, Al-Hamzi pointed out to the importance of cooperation and coordination between the two sides to serve Yemeni cancer patients coming to the to Egypt for treatments.

Al-Hamzi added that the Yemeni Foundation receives dozens of patients monthly, and provides them with various medical services, in adition to housing and nutrition throughout their stay for treatment in Egypt.

Mr. Hamzi stressed to the importance of official and popular cooperation in order to alleviate the pain and suffering of these patients who are exhausted by cancer disease, considering such social efforts a step to reduce the burdens on these patients, increases the rate of recovery among them and enhances their chances of returning Yemen in health and wellness.

For his part, Captain Al-Sha’ari welcomed the visit, expressing readiness of the Yemenia Airlines Office in Cairo to cooperate with the Foundation and contribute to alleviating some of the financial costs may be added sometimes to tickets price as extra fees after exceeding the time patients allowed to stay in Cairo.

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