Dr. Hamed Al-Shamiri, the General Director of Al-Saeeda Satellite Channel, Eng. Khaled Sharaf, Director of Al-Awael Real Estate Company, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Faqih, Director of Houses Company Mr. Muhammad Al-Nahari, the Foundation’s representative in Britain, and the journalist, Mr. Abdul Rahman Bishr, Vice President of the Supreme Council of Yemeni Communities around the World paied a visit today to the Yemen Foundation for Cancer Care at its Headquarters in Cairo.
At the beginning of the visit, Hajj Abdul Wasee Hael, Chairman of the Board of Founders, welcomed the guests, praising their visit to the Foundation and cancer patients who are residing in Dar Al-Hayat of the Foundation.
He xplained the reasons and justifications that prompted the establishment of the Foundation as a great need for Yemen patiants in Egypt, especially those cancer patiants who need nuclear medications which are panned in Yemen due to the war taking place there.
The attendees watched a television show about services provided by the Foundation to patients visiting it, in addition to the most important needs required to serve cancer patients.
The visitors emphasised that all efforts of the society should be concerted to provide such needs.
The visitors then toured the departments of the Foundation and visited the patients residing in Dar Al-Hayat and listened to some success stories of some patients despite their suffering. They also listened to the various medical and health services provided by the Foundation.
During the meeting, the attendees expressed their happiness with the services they saw provided to most of patients and thier companions, calling on the welfare authorities and businesmen to visit the Foundation to support its humanitarian medical programs which are provided to Yemeni cancer patiants who visit the Foundation from all parts of Yemen.

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