This Wednesday morning, Mr. Abdulwasea Ha’il Saeed An’am, the Chairman of Yemen for Cancer Care & charity Foundation, welcomed Mr. Mohsen Ali Haidara, the Deputy General Manager for Commercial Affairs at Yemen Airways, at the foundation’s headquarters in Cairo.
During the meeting, a cooperation agreement was signed between Yemen Airways and Yemen for Cancer Care & charity Foundation. The aim of this agreement is to facilitate the travel of Yemeni cancer patients coming from Yemen to the Arab Republic of Egypt for medical treatment.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Abdulwasea warmly welcomed Mr. Mohsen Haidara and his accompanying delegation, expressing gratitude for their visit to the foundation and the meeting with its officials. He acknowledged the positive role played by Yemen Airways in transporting cancer patients from Yemen at reduced fares, considering the airline’s contribution as a crucial support for these patients who endure hardship and suffering due to their illness.

In turn, Mr. Mohsen Haidara expressed his pleasure at visiting the foundation and learning about the conditions of cancer patients residing in Dar Al-Hayat. He appreciated the foundation’s efforts in serving Yemeni cancer patients in Cairo.
Haidara emphasized the necessity of collaborative efforts for this humanitarian cause, highlighting Yemen Airways’ continuous support for cancer patients as part of its corporate social responsibility. He stressed the importance of collective action to support this category of patients.
It is worth mentioning that the Yemen for Cancer Care & charity Foundation, established in 2022 in the Arab Republic of Egypt, dedicates all its efforts to serve Yemeni cancer patients coming from Yemen. The foundation is currently preparing to receive the ninth batch of thyroid cancer patients after successfully treating eight previous groups who returned home in good health.

The meeting was attended by Ms. Thikra Al-Nuno, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Yemen Foundation, and Mr. Radwan Al-Hamzi, the General Manager of the Foundation.

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