A joint cooperation agreement is signed today at the headquarters of Yemen for cancer care and charity Foundation in Cairo between our Foundation and both Yomn Foundation for Social and Cultural Services and the Khalfawi Foundation for Social Services..
The agreement included a set of items that benefit Yemeni patients.
Before signing the agreement, the General Director of Yemen Foundation, Mr. Redwan al-Hamzi, welcomed Haj Adel, appreciating all the efforts they make to facilitate and care for their Yemeni brothers, He also thanked everyone who seeks to serve Yemeni patients, because they are our responsibility during the journey of their suffering with the disease.
For his part, Haj Adel expressed his happiness with this humanitarian partnership that will serve a large number of Yemeni patients. He confirmed the full readiness of Yomn and Khalfawi institutions to overcome all difficulties and continue cooperation with the Yemen Foundation because of the sincerity of its successful models in the care of Yemeni cancer patients who visit the Foundation.
The agreement was signed by Mr. Redwan al-Hamzi, General Ditector of the Foundation, and Haj Adel Ahmed Mohieddin, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Yomn and Al-Khalfawi Foundation.

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