Haj Abdul Wasi Ha’il Chairman of the Board of Founders of Yemen for Cancer Care and Charity Foundation received today at the Headquarter of the Foundation , Sheikh Ali Ahmed Balahamar, Chairman of Board of Trustees of the AL-Halika Foundation for Social Development .
At the beginning of the meeting, Haj Abdul wasee Hail welcomed the guest Balahamar for his visit to get a closer look to the medical and humanitarian services provided by the Foundation to Yemeni cancer patients in Egypt. Shaikh Balahmar listened to a detailed explanation of the Foundation’s services since its opening in April 2022 in Cairo, especially Hope Groups.
Haj Abdul Wasee explained how the Foundation adopted this major humanitarian medical project which contributes to saving dozens of individuals from thyroid cancer patients who are unable to travel abroad for treatment for their poverty and because this type of medical services is banned from entering Yemen due to the war situation.
Sheikh Balahamar expressed his happiness with what he heard and saw at the Foundation, and the services provided to cancer patients from the poorest and needy groups, stressing the importance of exchanging humanitarian experiences between the two Foundation to serve cancer patients.
He indicated the importance of community cooperation for the success of the humanitarian charity work both inside and outside Yemen .
The meeting was attended by Ms. Thikra Al-Nunoo, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, Mr. Redwan al-Hamzi, Director General of the Foundation, Mr. Ahmed Al-Harbi, Deputy Director General ،
Mr. Omar Barezyek the Director of Health Department of the Foundation.

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