Mr. Redwan Al-Hamzi, General Director of the Yemen Foundation for Cancer Care received today, Saturday, May 27, at the Foundation’s Office Dr. Anwar Al-Sobari, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Las Lab Laboratories, and Dr. Atef Al-Janad and Mr. Abdullah Sadaka.
Al-Hamzi welcomed the attendees, explaining the importance of visit to the Foundation, explaining its recent activities and the most important stages that the Foundation has gone through since its establishment in April 2022 in Cairo.

During the visit, the guests watched a documentary film about the history of the Foundation and the most important humanitarian and medical projects the Foundation has executed, in addition to successes of cancer patients heeled during the past period.
Ahamzi also pointed out to the most important humanitarian projects implemented and marketed by the Foundation.

On the other hand, the attendees expressed their happiness and fascination with what they found and achievements on ground, expressing their readiness to support the Foundation and its humanitarian, medical programs by all means to alleviate the pain of patients, wishing patients well and quick recovery.

It is worth mentioning that the Foundation and Las Lab Laboratories signed last week a cooperation protocol for servicing cancer patients, through which the Foundation granted a number of free medical checks on a monthly basis.

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