Dr. Mohammed Al-Sharafi, Engineer Ali Al-Ansi, Sheikh Sadiq Al-Baadani and Sheikh Abdul Hamid Al-Batra, members of the House of Representatives, paid a humanitarian visit to the headquarters of Yemen for Cancer Care and Charity Foundation. They were received by Mr. Abdel Moneim Al-Shamiri, Director General of the Foundation and the Administrative team of the Foundation. The Director General gave the MBs a full explanation of the Foundation and its hosting House. In addition to the medical services provided by the Foundation to Yemeni cancer patients, whether those whom the Foundation is working to arrange to bring from Yemen through comprehensive treatment programs or those who knock the doors of the Foundation daily by to request specific health services or recieve advice from appropriate medical centers and clinics.
For their part, the MBs expressed their deep thanks and appreciation for the humanitarian role played by the Foundation for cancer patients in general and thyroid cancer patients in particular, calling on Yemeni businessmen and the Yemeni community in Egypt to visit the Foundation and to see the conditions of patients and stand by them and support them until they overcome the ordeal of the disease, considering such visits a basic responsibility towards this important segment of patients.
After that, the members visited the rooms of the inmates in the House.They were briefed about the conditions of patients, exchanged with the patients views, and listened from some patients to an explanation of the conditions of their arrival to Egypt for treatment and the care provided by the Foundation to them, their housing and the medical services they received since their arrival at Dar Al-Hayah.

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