Daring the visit ,the Deputy Chairman of the Yemen For Cancer Care & charity Foundation welcomed the Egyptian chairman of the Yomn Institution and the accompanying delegation, expressing happiness for the visit, which is enhance the collaboration between the two institutions to benefit cancer patients and alleviate their suffering.

During the visit, the guests were introduced to the various services and activities provided by the Yemen Foundation since its establishment in April of last year. Both sides recognised the humanitarian responsibility the foundation bears towards Yemeni cancer patients who come to Egypt for treatment.

The General Manager of the Yemen Foundation Abd Al-monaem Alsamiri also welcomed the visiting delegation, led by Haj Adel Ahmed Muhyi al-Din, and appreciate the visit’s positive impact on the charitable work and joint activities between the two institutions.

Furthermore, Haj Adel Ahmed, Chairman of the Yomn Institution , expressed gratitude and admiration for the Yemen Foundation, acknowledging the warm reception from its management and team. He emphasized that both foundations share the same purpose of serving patients and those in need.

Haj Adel Ahmed also informed that the Yomn institution is open to any collaboration and partnership with the Yemen Foundation in the future to serve Yemeni cancer patients who seek treatment in Egypt.

As a token of appreciation for her charitable efforts, the delegation presented a shield to Thakra Al-Nunu, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees. They also presented a shield to the management and staff of the Yemen Foundation for their dedication to the patients.

During the meeting, the delegation listened to a spiritual speech by Dr. Ahmed Al-Rakha, one of the scholars from Al-Azhar, emphasizing the importance of benevolence and efforts in charitable work. He quoted the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him, stressing the significance of benefiting people , fulfilling their needs, and assuring that Allah will not waste the good deeds of the benefactors, the patient, and the hopeful.

After the meeting, the visiting delegation took a tour of “Dar Al-Hayat,” where they interacted with cancer patients residing in the facility, learning about their conditions and circumstances. The delegation admired the patients’ patience and determination in their fight against cancer, expressing hope that Allah will fulfill their desires.

Later on, a joint delegation from both foundations visited “Dar Yomn” for the elderly on Khateem Al-Morsalin Street. During the visit, they were briefed on the well-being of the residents and the humane services provided by the facility. The delegation extended their gratitude to the caregivers for their humanitarian efforts in assisting the elderly residents and fulfilling their needs.

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