Yemen Foundation for Cancer Care and Charity work held an evening of psychological support for the Eighth Batch of Hope and for cancer patients residing in Dar Al-Hayat of the Foundation.
Mr. Asaad Mansour, coordinator of the Batch of Hope, welcomed Dr. Hoda El Shaarawy, Director General of the Egyptian Society for Cancer Patients, appreciating her interaction in psychological support programs for patients and companions during their treatment journey.
The attendees listened to a lecture entitled “Tomorrow is a more beautiful day” presented by Dr. Hoda El Shaarawy, with the participation and interaction of the attendees.
The evening included many interventions and narrating the experiences of the attending cancer patients, benefiting from these experiences and raising the morale and psychological spirit of the patients.
* It is worth mentioning that this activity comes after the Eighth Batch of thyroid cancer patients has completed the scheduled program. The Foundation is interested in establishing activities and events for psychological support after the end of the treatment protocol for the patients because of the direct positive psychological effects on them, especially after their return to Yemen healthy starting their normal life.

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