After winning second place globally, Yemeni singer Bilal Al-Agbary visited the patients of the Yemen Cancer Care& charity Foundation.
During the arrival of the arrival of “Hope Group 5 and 6” for thyroid cancer patients, Bilal Al-Agbary, the renowned Yemeni singer, was welcomed by the foundation in Cairo.

During the visit, he was welcomed by Ms. Thakra Al-Nunu, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Mr. Abdulmoneim Al-Shemairi, the General Manager of the foundation. Bilal being introduced to the role of the Foundation, its humanitarian activities and programs serving cancer patients coming to Egypt for treatment,. Furthermore, he visited the patients residing at the foundation’s facility and performed some beautiful songs that brought joy to them.
Bilal Al-Agbary had previously achieved second place in the Bur Said International Competition for chanting and religious singing among 67 countries worldwide.

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