Yemen Foundation for Cancer Patient Care and Charitable Activities

Our Vision:

-Pioneering humanitarian works, raising awareness, serving Yemeni cancer patients and meeting their needs.

Our Mission

-Health care for Yemeni cancer patients in Egypt providing humanitarian and psychological services, raising awareness, introducing guidance about hosting community and health facilities available.

Our Goals:

-Supporting Yemeni cancer patients arriving Egypt for treatment.
-Benefitting from Egyptian cancer control experiences, transferring them to Yemen.
-Deepening solidarity of Yemeni community in Egypt with cancer fighters.
Cooperating with various national initiative,foundation,organazition and charitable associations in Egypt concerned with cancer patients to achieve mutual goals.

Activities Our

Counseling services
Hosting Service (Dar Al Hayat)
Health Services
Psychological support units
Radiology and treatment centers

Values Our

Institutional values: Running our works and activities according to the institutional practices adopted.
Human values: relieving human pains and protecting human life.
Honesty, Transparency and credibility: building our relations based on trust and mutual respect.
Voluntary work: The Foundation is a humanitarian charitable organization based on voluntary work to serve cancer patients and relive their pain; it does not aim to achieve any financial benefits.
Professionalism: work should be based on a clear professional methodology and a well-known procedure to the visitors of the organization.
Quality: As an institution, we are keen to improve the level of our services and programs.
Public interest: We do not aim to obtain personal interests through our organization.
Teamwork: We believe in teamwork and consolidated team spirit, as well as teamwork with the related organizations.
Continuous Learning: We support continuous learning at the individual and organizational level
Social Responsibility: We care about our responsibility towards the society in which we live
Moral values: No dispute about these values, and they are an honor for every establishment which must adhere to them literally.
Initiative and Creativity: We always encourage the sprit of initiatives and creativity based on systematic framework to improve our performance.

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