Yemen for Cancer Care and Charity Foundation in Cairo held a Ramadan evening for the residents of Dar Al-Hayat from cancer patients and their companions.
The evening was performed by a wonderful group of Yemeni actors who are the heroes of Yemeni series Dokan Jamila, headed by the actor Tawfiq Al-Adhroi, Khaled Al-Bahri, Najiba Abdullah and Hassan Al-Gomai.
The actors performed many laughing sketches that entertained the audience as well as the patients.
various artistic paragraphs such as praise, humorous poems, jokes and Taizian Mlalas were performed.
Mr. Redwan Mohammed Al-Hamzi, Acting Director of the Foundation, expressed his happiness for the actors response to the invitation and thier participation in the artistic evening, which overwhelmed the audience with happiness, added joy and pleasure to the inmates of the Foundation.
He praised the great role played by the actor in lives of millions of people, calling for contribution to more such events and activities for cancer patients who need people to stand with them, prvide more care and support to this group during their journey with the disease.
For her part, Ms. Thikra Al-Nono, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Director of Dar Al-Hayat, said in her speech that these recreational programs raise the morale of cancer patients and contribute a lot to getting them out of the psychological state that accompanies them during the journey of suffering with the disease.
She added that this purposeful artistic evening in this blessed month is a message that presented by actors through their talents to their brothers and sisters who fight cancer.

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